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mortgages, audited to break their lending conditions, and advances, along with the day, convenient and flexible.

basic conditions of the loan:

1, with People's Republic of China nationality and full civil capacity of a natural person;

2, hold a valid identity document;

3, has a stable and legitimate sources of income;

4, foreclosed real estate certificates, property rights can be traded;

5, other conditions stipulated by Bank;

the amount and term of the loan:

1, the residential mortgage rate of up to  70% ;

2, the mortgage rate is the highest of offices and shops was  60% ;

3, factory mortgage rates of up to  50% ;

4, a maximum period of up to 30 years mortgage including shops, offices, homes, villas, factories, warehouses, and so on.

loan interest rate:

loan interest rate as announced by the people's Bank of China loan interest rate levels.

repayment method:

for a term within 1 year of the loan, and can choose the loan's due date one-time repayment, Lee with the clear way of loans for a period of 1 year or more, you can choose a monthly "equal interest" or "equal principal" repayment.

apply for loans the information required

1, legal proof of identity of the borrower;

2, proof of income and repayment ability of the borrower;

3, to be foreclosed property and the property owners agree to a mortgage statement;

4, approved by the Bank to assess collateral valuation report issued by the Department;

5, the loan documents;

6, other information required by the Bank.