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Enterprise mortgages

enterprises, residential or commercial mortgage loans

mortgage maximum age:  15 (via the L2 approval, up to a maximum of 20 years, but the waiting time will be longer)

type of mortgage:  residential or commercial property

loan purpose: working capital, business development

highest loan percentage:  70%

:  loan amount RMB 100,000 to 10.5 million

years of property: 1  –  15  years (via the L2 approval, up to a maximum of 20 years)   the loan term:  1-10 years


1.  customer annual sales/turnover: 2 million to 70 million RMB

2.  Shanghai enterprises incorporated include: sole proprietorship, partnership and limited liability company

3.  company was established at least 3 years  

:  4.  personal guarantees needed major individual shareholders of the borrower (ages 18 -- 70 years and loan shareholder's age should not exceed 70 years old at the end) a personal guarantee. Guarantee of individual shareholders in the borrowing company's shares must exceed 50%

subject matter requirements:

1.  must not mortgage sales, does not accept the building housing mortgages (mortgages are also available, advance approval, after the approval allows customers to pay off mortgages);

i.  residential     to be marked for personal use or investment;

commercial real estate II.    (Office or shop), should be made for their own use or investment

2.  property rights must belong to the borrowing company, corporate borrowers legal entities, stockholders, directors and their spouses (legal, shareholder, Director) or a third party; (such as property (including one) under 18 years of age, then the property does not accept temporarily)

3.  the borrower/mortgagor must purchase insurance for home mortgage, and will serve as the first beneficiary;

4.  must be specified through evaluation assesses:

5.  property is not within the restricted area

residential (property rights persons 18 years of age)  

Grade A Max LTV 65% 

Grade B Max LTV 60% 

Grade C Max LTV 50% 

Grade D 0% 

commercial real estate-company ratings

score   ≥  7 Max LTV: 65%

value of 5 ≤ < 7 Max LTV: 60%

3 ≤ < 5 Max LTV: 50% score

the loan percentage:

loans up to a maximum value of 70%, an investment property loan percentage will be reduced accordingly:

loan interest rate:

>  for the people's Bank of RMB interest rate in the same period +2%

> L2/L3 : benchmark interest rate +2.75%

*  Bank loan according to customer credit management has the right to adjust lending rates


1.  loan fees: 1.5%  of the loan amount;

2.  attorneys ' fees: RMB 2500 -3000

3.  notary fees 1.5 per thousand, premiums per year per 5, appraisal fee and 800-2000

required materials (corporate income may include income) company

of 1, with annual sales of  < RMB8 million enterprise, can provide (three)

    A) over the past six months the VAT/sales tax invoice (sales ÷ =  tax rate * coefficient of income * =  sales profit margin)

    B) nearly half a year's income tax return (=  income taxes ÷ tax; income ÷ sales =    margin)

    C) audited financial statements (last year)

2, – the original and copies of business license

3, the tax registration certificate – original and copies

4, organization code certificate-the original and copies of

5, the articles of incorporation

6, the company's latest capital verification report

7, the company nearly six months of bank statements, copies of

8, corporate equity shareholders and hyper-15%  ID

9, credit card

Chapter 10, the official seal, legal, financial

(inspection report ownership over 15%, a company owned by individual shareholders)

1, proof of income (three b)

    a)   company letter,

    b)   latest 6 months bank statements,

    c)   the last 6 months tax

2, ID: ID card

3, the mortgage off licence with photo

4, real estate property and Mortgage Corporation relationship (marriage certificates, account)  *  individual credit requirements: no blacklist, all guarantors of credit good