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Supply of affordable houses in Shanghai transferred to buying stages

supply of affordable houses in the city transferred to the buying stage at difficult lending down payment 30%

Web on November 11 in the East: according to the evening news reports, spread out on the surface of the first supply of affordable houses in the city this year has started to enter the House, buying links, then the policy of economically affordable housing loans this year "scale" and how to control it? Reporters yesterday to undertake affordable houses this year commercial credit Bank, Bank, Shanghai Pudong development, Bank of Shanghai that four commercial banks are asked one by one to find, affordable houses this year to apply to commercial lending rates below the base rate, is unlikely. "The benchmark interest rate, down payment 30%", which perhaps is the affordable houses this year apply for a home loan can be secured for the best policy.

down payment of at least the benchmark interest rate in accordance with 30%

"our affordable houses commercial lending policy of banks, gained from the first suite implementation. "Reporters to call the Bank as ordinary people" 95559 "customer service staff informed, economically affordable housing loan policy of the Bank this year include: reference interest rate home loan policy implementation, which shall not be less than the base rate; Bank lending percentage not higher than 70% of the total housing price, the down payment shall not be less than 30%. The staff member said, adding, the current suite of commercial loan interest rate may not be lower than the base rate. Ultimately how to determine the interest rate, loan depends on the comprehensive evaluation of the specific situation of the applicant.

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank loan Department, reporters also got a similar answer, that is economically affordable housing loan applications, audit, issued mostly by a suite of policies to implement, loan interest rate may not be lower than the benchmark interest rate, down payment shall not be less than 30%.

Bank of Shanghai "962888" customer service hotline staff revealed that the operation of Shanghai Bank scales similarly to "down payment not less than 30%, the interest rate in accordance with the benchmarks" have been determined. In addition, the staff also spells out specific interest rate of the loan, that is more than 5-year commercial loan, perform a 7.05% interest rates.

preferential rates apply for up down payment loan fund

"this also means that this round of economically affordable housing loan interest rates have been difficult to apply to. "A bank insider, near the end, Bank lending is not as full as expected, part of the Bank's affiliated branch in hand still held a certain amount of housing loans, secondary market transactions is not prosperous, banks is hard to find the right case to loan out. Is about to begin at the end of the supply of affordable houses, as it would be a good opportunity to lend, but in any case, loan rates, loans must be in accordance with the authority requirements strictly enforced.

in fact, rather than a "building, intersection, Pu, on the" business loans, many affordable houses purchasing families preferred housing common reserve fund loan. According to this year's accumulation Fund loan policy, in addition to enjoy more favourable than commercial loans of loan interest rates, borrowing households housing provident fund housing loans up to a maximum of 80%.

number of affordable houses House homes said Provident Fund loan to buy a House is preferred, interest rate, loans are more cost effective. If the loan is not down, had to turn to bank loans, applicants make up only some of the down payment.

policies followed the trend of affordable housing can't "let go"

reporter learned from a Housing Department insiders, including affordable housing, economically affordable housing loan policy, calibre, not formulated by the local housing authority to freely, but under the current financial policy to perform.

the analysts believe that "trend" if it is tightened, is in control, then provided to affordable houses to purchase the family bank lending rates, fucheng concessions may be reduced. At present, the State for regulating the real estate market of the firm, even to the affordable housing requires a policy before "tilt", but not ugly, loan rates, loans also can't easily open this offer "hole" to strictly implement relevant State policies.

it is reported that after preliminary prepared, economically affordable housing housing accumulation Fund loan, this work has been started from this month onwards. Meanwhile, China Construction Bank Shanghai Branch, the Bank of communications Shanghai Branch, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Shanghai Branch, Bank of Shanghai and other units have also been launched and confirm related policies implementation of diameter, standard, accepted purchase affordable houses family counselling, applying for a job.