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Subsidized people to solar companies lend money

according to the United States Congress recently revealed some of the e-mails showed that United States President Barack Obama for its main sponsor, energy mega-qiaozhi·kaize (George Kaier) put pressure on the solar business Solydra loan of 500 million US dollars to the brink of collapse. The White House later denied this, Obama has repeatedly guaranteed loan has never been with Kaiser about, but they put Obama in an unprecedented "embarrassing".

the associated press reported on November 10, Solydra is a solar company in California, in 2009, the White House to provide it with $ 528 million in federal loans, but soon after its announcement of a bankruptcy. On November 9, Solydra requirements of the main investor, United States House energy and Commerce Committee has released a series of Solydra-related email. Messages are displayed, the Obama campaign's main sponsor, the great energy hengkaize have repeatedly lobbied Obama only contributed to the more than 500 million US dollars in loans.

in an e-mail message, Kaiser said, when he visited in 2010 with an employee at the White House, White House officials showed "a Solydra story is about", and that the enterprise was the White House push for new energy policies "poster child". In another e-mail message, Kaiser, an Assistant is sure that energy Secretary Steven Chu will leave to Solydra the second federal loans.

reported that Kaiser is one of Oklahoma's billionaires, Obama's 2008 campaign raised $ 50,000 to $ 100,000 for it. He is a frequent visitor to the White House between 2009 to 2010. For months, White House officials have denied Kaiser came to the White House for the Solydra lobby, so they put Obama in an awkward position, also gave rise to the Republican party's consistent criticism of the Obama administration's green energy projects.

"these documents clearly show that, Kaiser and his staff at the White House Office of West dip, and exert influence on loan process. "Republicans, kelifu·siteensi (Cliff Stearns) said.

However, the White House issued a statement and the Kaiser emergency, which denied. "Republicans in Congress the documents released today its empirical our statement, that is, the loan origination is the Department of energy's decision. "The White House spokesman, said," We hope that Republican enthusiasm for job creation can be as tall as they conduct these surveys. ”

name Kaiser of the Kaiser Family Foundation's spokesman also denied: "We reaffirm our previously released public statements, qiaozhi·kaize has never talked about Solydra loan with the Government. ”

in these messages revealed a few hours later, Kaiser 8th statement when participating in a video conference will also be published. "I've never lobby for Solydra. "Kaiser said. He said that at dinner with Obama on October 22, 2010, he was just "talked a bit about China and solar energy, but not with Obama talk about very specific things," I've never directly on the Solydra. "

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