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Finance delegate

financial delegate (services) agreement

  asked   people (hereinafter referred to as party a): ___________ phone: ______________

clients (hereinafter referred to as b):___________  phone: ______________

party b in accordance with the legal provisions of the State on an equal and voluntary, consensus based on related issues agreed as follows:

party a will own capital (upper case): ________________ is $ _______ interest RMB (upper case): ______________ (_____/month), entrusted to the date _____ ___ years ___ months, until the _____ year ___ month ___ day provides lending services.

rule number one: the party of rights and obligations

1.   Party from loan payments as of the date the contract is signed. Without lending, party a will be loan 3% pay as liquidated damages;

2.   Party the right to supervise the party b on the lending business processes;

3.   Breach of the contractual party call the loan and the interest, if there are special circumstances should be consent of the party to be recovered.

article II: rights and obligations of party b

1.   Party b provide borrowers with fixed assets (hereinafter referred to as party c) or for party a to provide for loans as mortgage guarantors, or provide credit for the c loan guarantees and solvent guarantor;

2.   B assist Parties to related Department for execution of a loan agreement, to be drafted to provide the mortgage contract;

3.   B causes the borrower collateral assessment is too high, cost the party a by party b;

4.   B causes the borrower not true, cost the party a by party b;

5.   B cause borrowers do not fulfil their obligations, cost the party a by party b;

6.   Supervision of party b party c shall not use the borrowing of engaging in illegal business activities;

7.   Serve a party b for party a claims, money exchange, interest income to debt service, expiration and cancellation of mortgages in the middle to provide full services.

article III: term meaning to confirm

If a borrower cannot repayment, the company on behalf of the principal within the 30th. This agreement is in duplicate, each party holds one copy, take effect from the date of signing.   This agreement in both parties conduct awareness fully awake, without any external cause or so, totally voluntary provisions and book are aware, without any objection, all know cases of sign, lizi, no turning back.


signature:__________________  by party a party b signature: __________________

________ year month _____ day signed