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About Us

Shanghai golden age financial services limited is a professional loan agency company on the financial markets. Financing of policies in the area of trends and changes in the market have unique insight and analysis, and has a deep knowledge and a high degree of sensitivity, and a number of banks, investment trusts and other financial institutions to establish a long-term and stable relationship of cooperation. Can provide customers with accurate, comprehensive, professional, high quality capital market solutions and benefits programmes. Loan companies, loan companies in Shanghai, a microfinance company, Shanghai unsecured loan company, small, short-term debt, small unsecured loans companies, Shanghai small unsecured loans companies, microfinance companies in Shanghai, Shanghai short-term lending company, Shanghai small short-term loans, short-term loans to companies, companies and other loan programs.

the company's main business, all financial, investment, management, finance and other professionals, they not only sound capable, practical, and special dedication. This guarantee of excellent service quality and efficiency. Product includes all individuals, the Bank loans, trust loans and financing services. Rich range of products, flexible and diverse. All staffs of customer first, service-oriented business philosophy, dedicated to the small and medium enterprise liquidity shortages and temporary difficulties in the business of personal support and help.

Business: oriented national SMEs and personal fast provides the no mortgage loan

this company with accumulated of resources advantage: while relies on financial institutions, stream to its recommended excellent customer,  tie do the financial innovation business outside  ;  also by more Shang market research and strictly filter, established up widely of enterprise, and personal customer group,  up to has financial institutions and General customer between ties, and bridge of role. Industry as a professional, the strength of,  operation,  strict risk controls, and more resilient to financial institutions. Founded in  2001  year, with registered capital of 200 million   Yuan, the company since its establishment, been successful for small business loan financing and personal success is about 100 million Yuan. Company's long-term cooperation with all major banks and establish a solid partnership, through continuous business forms the basis of good reputation. Company is committed to providing business and personal loan provides a full range of advisory and loan services, including programme design, the repayment of the loan comparison, loan application and loan-related procedures, and through professional, individualized, one-on-one consulting services, create enterprise service platform for personal loans.

Shanghai golden age financial services limited: mainly engaged in personal loans, business loans, private loans, business loans, unsecured loans, business loans, short term loans, payment due date, revolving loans, credit, capital lending. Company has high quality of professional team, science of management system, rigorous of risk control system, and by senior financial experts and Bank, and securities, and real estate, and car, and legal, and tax, aspects designed talent composition of consultant think tank, handling personnel are has years bank credit, voted financing management work experience, familiar bank credit approval procedures, and the international domestic investment financing channel, can timely, and quickly, and enthusiasm of for customer provides professional, and full of service, meet enterprise various funds needs.

"Shanghai's golden years financial services limited" based in this city, for the country, America. business management, marketing, operating in accordance with economic laws, way to explore solutions to individuals and small and medium enterprises funding difficult, based on the investment, lending platform. And Hong Kong Banking Corporation, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, the industrial and commercial bank, agricultural Bank, China Minsheng Bank, the Pudong Development Bank, China CITIC Bank, China Merchants Bank, commercial banks, such as Hong Kong and domestic financial institutions to establish a good partnership. While in service to our individual SMEs with loans, expanding information channels for enterprises and banks, businesses and enterprises, enterprises and individuals, and between individuals and individuals build up a Golden Bridge, in an efficient, fast, responsive, and wants to think of quality services for business purposes. Our enthusiasm and dedication to our business and individuals to provide professional investment and wealth management services.

service: fast, efficient, low finish every piece you entrust the professional thing. Customers need solutions customer pressing, tree brands of Hong Shen, a mutual win-win situation.

company commitment: loan of 500,000 within the approved loan within 24 hours, no win no fee loan. If bad credit history or fraud please call so as not to waste your precious time with us thank you.